Gyronix Decisionmill

Ronald/ May 26, 2011/ MindManager 2012, MindManager 8, MindManager 9

MindManager is superb for generating creative ideas, options and insights. But how do you decide which direction to take from all the possibilities you’ve generated?
DecisionMill saves significant time when you move from brainstorming towards action – either individually or as a team.
You use MindManager to brainstorm your requirements, criteria, ideas and potential solutions, then DecisionMill helps you to rank the solutions in order, depending on how well they meet your criteria.
You can have increased confidence in your decisions because DecisionMill uses a Weighted Scoring system to help you make complex comparisons.

When you’re making an important decision, DecisionMill will help you evaluate your options consistently and quickly. Use MindManager and DecisionMill to:

  • Systematically evaluate “brainstorm” maps
  • Compare the features of products & services before you buy
  • Create and record audits of your important decisions
  • Optimise results by experimenting with criteria weighting
  • Evaluate “what if” scenarios with changing criteria
  • Integrate intuition with fact in your decision-making processes

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